After a 2 years wait, I conceived naturally. I was beyond overjoyed! Nothing could described my happiness from within. However, my husband was more cautious about it. He was reluctant to share the good news and did not inform anyone at the initial stage.

The first thing we did was to have a check with our gynaecologist. He did a review and concluded that I had Gestational Diabetes (GD) right from the beginning of my pregnancy.

Was pregnancy easy for me?

Soon, I was set up with multiple appointments with the endocrinologist and dietian which took place during my entire first semester. This led to a shockingly monthly bill of $1000. It made us wonder how we were going to last throughout the entire pregnancy, but we went ahead with these expensive monthly bills as we felt that everything would be worth it if it means that we will have our baby in our arms.

Furthermore, I was on a strict diet to control my weight gain. The ideal gain of weight was about 1kg per month to ensure that my baby would not grow too big that a C-section would be required. That was something I wanted to avoid as well. My days revolved around measurements of my blood sugar level and ensuring that I had ample rest. Life was monotonous and I tried to arrange meetings that were spread out evenly instead of having consecutive meetings.

It got more challenging as I entered my second trimester. When I took time to reflect, I realised that when the time is right, things will fall in place nicely. The weeks in my “danger” zone whizzed past quickly as I was surrounded with my friends and family during the festive season. We sailed passed the dangerous season smoothly. Unlike my previous pregnancy, I was very calm and peaceful. I was thankful that I waited 2 years before this pregnancy, which allowed me to heal emotionally, mentally and physically as well. My body was also able to function naturally without much anxiety. There were still times where my mind runs wild and I start imagining things or worrying unnecessary, but I was very thankful to have support from my loved ones and friends.

This went on until 34 weeks where my gynaecologist told me that the baby can be delivered anytime now as he is deem viable to survive. Armed with a list of items to buy, we went on a shopping spree on the 32nd week at Singapore Expo’s baby fair. Thereafter, we dropped by Kaki Bukit to shop for as baby pram too. Our shopping was completed with the aid of my younger sister, who gave us advice on what we should look out for. Without her, shopping for our baby’s items would have taken a longer time.

Then the big bang! It came unexpectedly when I woke up feeling constipated but went on with my daily routine. My husband was coincidentally on sick leave that day. I went ahead with my morning appointment and was back in the afternoon to rest but felt uneasy as I experience suspected contraction pains. I messaged the nurse and was advised to go to the hospital and get it checked.

I woke my husband up from his nap and he sprang into action after the news. My mother in law started panicking and got changed immediately as well. On the contrary, I was the one telling them to relax. Even if it was contraction pains, it was still way too early for any delivery. I was being checked in and put on the heart beat monitoring for my baby.

However, an hour later the contraction pains died down and I was given 2 options – to stay overnight or to be discharged. So I chose the latter option and went back home.

Things took a turn when I reached home, the pains alleviated and I was struggling to keep in control. This time, I was rushed to hospital again. Upon arrival, I was barely able to keep my cool and a gynaecologist on shift took a quick check and was informed that I had already dilated at 9cm! With no time to lose, I was prepared for delivery immediately.

There was not even time for epidural and I only had “laughing gas” to reduce my pain. Within 2 hours, my baby, Titus Low was borne with a loud cry. He was so loud that we were so relieved for the first time.

I congratulated my husband as he is officially a daddy now as he looked at Titus for the first time with such happiness and joy from within. This started our parenting journey of many sleepless nights and more to come.


A Gift from Heaven is about Felicia’s rainbow baby – Titus Low Jia Sheng. A Gift From Heaven tells the tale of a mother’s faith journey in seeking God, in choosing to believe in His plan even in the darkest hour, and in being richly rewarded with a rainbow baby after the storms.


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Felicia Tan, speaker, blogger and author of To Baby With Love, Lost And Found and A Gift From Heaven draws her experience from two miscarriages and one rainbow baby, had a deep understanding of the issues faced by pregnant mothers, mothers who have lost their children and being a mother.

Having gone through an arduous journey filled with disappointments, she started Art Of Life to share about her journey and how she overcame them through a positive mindset.

Her stories has led to features on The Straits Times, Motherhood, Young Parents and more.

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