‘Congrats!’ – a word that echoed through your ears as you embrace your first newborn baby. You wonder how this tiny human has completely taken over your world with his presence. Your heart explodes with joy and excitement, but you harbour tinges of doubts as you thought about taking care of his every need from this moment on.

Fast forward a month, you celebrated your baby shower and showcased to the world that you are now a proud mum. What’s next?

That’s where the realisation hits you, your confinement lady is no longer there to help you. You are now tasked to meet every need of your child independently.

baby-cryingYour baby cries incessantly for no rhyme or reason. You have checked every possible reasons for his wailings – from his diapers to his feeding cycles, but he still remains grumpy. Helplessness overwhelms as you stare back at your crying baby after cradling him in your arms for 10 minutes. The crying doesn’t stop. You start worrying and suspecting he has fallen ill and are making plans to rush him to the hospital. Suddenly, he stops wailing and quickly falls asleep. You heaved a sigh of relief and placed him down to continue with your daily routine.

Before long, you found your ears tuned into his cries as feeding time draws near. You quickly made your way towards him, fed him and watched this tiny human doze off again. It feels indescribable as you cradle him, your child, in your arms. He is a lifetime responsibility you know you cannot run away from.

Your daily agenda repeats – not deviating from putting him to sleep, feeding him, changing his diapers and pumping milk. As days goes by, you feel bounded by the same cycle. Everyday seems to be the same day, completing the same tasks. There is no Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday…but only yesterday, today and tomorrow. Then, you realised you have just committed yourself to the hardest and most arduous job in life – being a mother.

You jump at his every cry and pondered on your actions – if you had done anything wrong. Every ounce of energy is solely dedicated to your tiny tot and none was left for household chores. With every opportunity to rest, you took your chance and caught up on your ever piling sleep debt. You wake up to a new day without combing your hair or even looking at the mirror. What had just happened?

Soon, you realised the baby has slowly taken your time away from you, yourself. Having to fight with the issues arising from your tot and your sleeping patterns, you have absolutely no desire to eat or dress up. Everyone you have spoken to tells you it would get better, but you can’t seem to picture a better tomorrow.

The end of this 4 months confinement seems so far away. You are drained and crave to bounce back into the corporate world – where you feel more comfortable and at ease.
However, as the day approaches, you find yourself reminiscing of the special bond you have shared with your child. These irreplaceable moments would be etched in your heart forever. You begin to think about how you would miss your baby when you return to the workforce – especially the way he smiles and how he smells. You play scenarios of what you miss and thought about how you were going to cope when the time comes. Indeed, his appearance made a life turning point in your life. You brushed these aside and started getting ready to grasp the idea of returning to the work force.

It was then you stared into the mirror and darts of horror hit you – you looked back and a pale and unkempt self glares back at you. You made immediate arrangements to get a haircut and got your personal grooming fix. The apparel strung in your wardrobe does not fit you anymore, so you head out to get some shopping done. It was time to get your confidence back as you strut back into the workforce.

Tips to look good after pregnancy

With that, I would like to offer 3 tips to help you get back on track!

Pretty Mom

Tip 1 – Rebuild your wardrobe
With a post baby bump, opt for flattering pieces – like peplum tops or shift dresses. Consider getting vertical print or pleated designs to achieve a leaner silhouette. Alternatively, fully utilise what you currently have and pair them with different apparel to curate a refreshing look.

Tip 2 – Facial treatment
Pamper yourself by scheduling a facial appointment. Not only does it brings out the glow in you, but it allows you to take a break from your mummy responsibilities and indulge in some “me” time.

Tip 3 – Exercise
Getting a healthy dose of oxygen into your lungs adds life to your years. With multiple benefits of exercising, one key factor is that you are on the way to regaining your pre pregnancy figure. Start off with baby steps like going for a brisk walk and then, increase the intensity level as you progress.

Lastly, you know life will never be the same again, and you have a new irreplaceable title to your name – Mummy. Who doesn’t want to be a beautiful, confident looking mum?

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Having gone through an arduous journey filled with disappointments, she started Art Of Life to share about her journey and how she overcame them through a positive mindset.

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