Is C-Section The Only Birthing Way?

Whenever I have a female friend who is pregnant, I would be curious and ask how would they give birth? Natural or C-section? Most of them will tell me that they will go for C-section. This topic of giving birth is very common with me and my friends especially when we are in our late 20s and early 30s. I started to get curious and I start asking them more to find out why would they opt for C-section. (Disclaimer : I only ask those female friends that I am really close with and are open to discuss this. I’m also a dad with a 9 year old daughter.)

These are the common reasons & answers why mothers will opt for C-section birth than natural birth:-

  • It is painful
  • It takes very long and it is suffering.
  • Most of my friends who choose Natural Birth are in pain.
  • My tolerance level for pain is low.
  • I heard that there are a lot of screaming and yelling during labor pain
  • I don’t think I can do natural birth
  • It seems painful because most of my friends say that it is painful.
  • Giving birth seems to be painful even in movies.
  • Doctor say that it is safer and less pain to give birth by C-section.
  • With C-section, I will be able to choose the date that my baby is born.

There are many more reasons about why they opt for C-section and most of them has to be related to ‘Pain’ and ‘Suffering’. This draw me back to my mother and my grandmother where my mom gave birth to me and my two sisters, my grand mothers (paternal and maternal) gave birth to 6 children. None of them have never told me that they are in such suffering or pain. If it is so painful, why would they give birth to so many children?

I started to find out more what is the difference between giving birth back then and now. When I was working for Motherhood magazine as an Advertising Sales Executive, I need to consume the motherhood content and article in order to help my client to match their products with our articles.

Pregnant and MeditatingThere were some articles on HypnoBirthing and Water Birth but HypnoBirthing and Water Birth were not common in Singapore which is about 9 years ago. But in recent years we are seeing more and more parents knows about HypnoBirth and Water Birth through the internet and social media. But most of these birthing methods are done overseas. Even for Water Birth, I only knew that my Taiwanese friend who had done it. Water Birth seems to be a rising trend in Taiwan.

As I was on a lookout for speakers for my Mother Industrialist workshop, I got to know Yen and she is a Hypnobirthing Childbirth Educator. At the same time, she herself is a Hypnobirthing Mom meaning that she had gave birth to her child using HypnoBirth. When she started sharing more about Hypnobirth and Waterbirth, I began to understand why most people opt for C-section.

In fact Yen had a lot of successful stories of mommies who have give birth without any epidural or any pain through HypnoBirth. They are in control of the whole birth process and it can be a calm and smooth experience for both the mother and the child too.

This Sunday she will be sharing with expectant parents and new parents that Childbirth need not to be painful, bloody, uncertain, traumatic and a lot of hardwork. It can be a miracle, joyful, happy and natural.

Come and join us to learn the childbirth can be a great experience both for the mother and the child.

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See you this coming Sunday.

This workshop is co-organised by Mother Industrialist and SG Baby Club. It will be hosted by Kenneth Choo, Author of Mother Industrialist.


Kenneth Choo is an entrepreneur, business consultant, and mother industrialist. He founded KC Creative Marketing in 2015, after having working in the media marketing industry since 2004. He is very experienced in sales and marketing, especially in the parenting industry.

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