Padeve is a Singapore brand of herbal sanitary pads. We specialise in using a traditional herbal powder mixture in sanitary pads to alleviate menstrual cramps. Our philosophy is simple. We strive to make periods more comfortable for women through non-invasive methods. Our products are not bleached and are suitable for ladies with sensitive skin.

Padeve was created to help alleviate period cramps without pills or creams. Gone are the days where ladies have to bear with the pain every month during their period. The herbs in Padeve sanitary napkins include Motherwort, Peppermint, Fructus Cnidium, Cortex Phellodendron and Borneol. These herbs are dried and pounded into powder before being mixed with the paper pulp that is inside our sanitary pads.

Why Choose Padeve?

1) Alleviate Period Cramps

The herbal powder mixture includes the Motherwort herb which helps to improve blood circulation. With better blood circulation, you will naturally experience lesser period cramps.

2) Non-bleached Air-laid Paper Surface

Padeve’s products do not go through a chemically bleaching process. Bleach can cause irritation to skin over prolong use and that’s why customers with sensitive skin love our products! The first layer of our products are made of air-laid paper which is very smooth and extremely comfortable!

3) High Absorption Polymer

Deep within the sanitary napkins are full of high-quality polymers that are ultra absorbent. This ensures you a comfortable and worry-free period experience.

4) Natural Herbal Scent

Padeve herbals sanitary pads are not chemically or artificially scented. The herbal scent comes from the herbal powder mixture that is within the sanitary pads.

5) Cooling & Refreshing

The weather in Singapore makes going through the time of the month less comfortable. Padeve’s sanitary napkins contain the Peppermint herb, which gives a cooling sensation during use. This helps to keep you fresh!