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Shen Kiat TanShen Kiat TAN is an Associate within the Firm’s Private Client Practice Group, dealing in Wills, Trusts, Deputyship and Probate. He is concurrently the Legal Advisor to FortisWills and FortisCare, subsidiaries of Fortis Life Group dealing with private wealth management, advance care and estate planning issues. He obtained LL.B (Hons) 2nd Upper Honours from the University of Bristol, United Kingdom, and was awarded the top-scorer in his year for the final year thesis project on the Arab Spring. Shen Kiat also has a first degree in Political Science and a Minor in Religious Studies from the National University of Singapore.

Shen Kiat assists his clients to plan for the present and future generations through the design and creation of trusts and other anticipatory decision-making instruments, such as but not limited to Wills (a form of testamentary trust) and Lasting Power of Attorney (“LPA”) under the Mental Capacity Act (in his opinion, the best piece of legislation to be passed for the community in recent years). He is currently the leading Certificate Issuer for LPAs in Singapore under the legal practitioner category in a list compiled by the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

Occasionally, his work involves house-calls or hospital visits where sensitivity and empathy are often required. Through the sharing of lives, Shen Kiat and his clients help each other to number their days – a biblical pre-requisite to develop a heart of wisdom.

Many of his clients have substantial property interests and other valuable artefacts, and Shen Kiat advises them on cross-border jurisdictional issues in the course of preservation and enhancement of family wealth. He deals with immigration issues arising from cross-border relocation, including setting up guardianship protection for young children in the unfortunate event involving their parents.

Shen Kiat also acts for clients in contentious disputes relating to the administration of assets, and gives public and private talks on estate planning to let people understand how to protect their family wealth and minimise the potential for disputes.

Two principles guide his approach to life:
(1) Act Justly, Love Mercy and Walk Humbly with God.
(2) Look upon the world as my neighbour.

Shen Kiat is fluent in English and Mandarin.

Contact details
Tan Shen Kiat,  Associate
DID: +65 6532 3848
Mobile: +65 8868 4783

Hu HuiminHU Huimin is a Senior Associate in the Firm’s Private Client Practice Group. She graduated in 2011 from the National University of Singapore with a Double Honours in Business Administration and Law. She was called to the Singapore bar in 2012 and has a broad range of experience in civil and commercial litigation.

Huimin’s focuses on all aspects of divorce and family related matters. She has acted for clients in estate matters, probate, deputy applications, divorce proceedings, ancillary matters, custody and maintenance issues. She has appeared before the Family Justice Courts in highly contentious cases and facilitated the resolution of many cases through mediation. She has also represented a client in an appeal before the Family Division of the High Court involving a complex division of matrimonial assets.

As a family specialist lawyer, Huimin aims to help families to remain amicable and cohesive. She provides tailored and practical advice to her clients without losing sight of the needs of the client.

In order to cater to the diverse needs of her private clients, Huimin also dabbles in other areas of law including employment matters, negligence, defamation, etc.

Huimin approaches each of her cases with attention and detail in order to achieve an optimal outcome for her clients. As a lawyer who cares for her clients, she is sensitive to the needs of her clients and listens to their concerns while guiding them towards a holistic resolution of their disputes.

Contact details
Hu Huimin, Senior Associate
DID: +65 6818 9941

Darren ChanDarren CHAN is an Associate Director at Fortis Law Corporation and a member of the Firm’s Private Client Practice Group. He graduated from the University of Leicester, England and is admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor in Singapore.

Darren commenced his legal career at one of the top law firms in Singapore and has represented clients in various litigation matters including medical negligence, contractual claims, debt recovery, and matrimonial disputes.

He specialises in family law – divorce proceedings, ancillary matters (e.g. arrangements for the children, asset division and maintenance), mediation, personal protection order, variation and enforcement. He also handles non-contentious work such as drafting pre-nuptial agreements, divorce agreements and wills.

Some of the notable Court cases that he has handled are:- (a) Sigrid Else Roger Marthe Wauters v Lieven Corneel Leo Raymond van den Brande [2013] SGHC 256; (b) ACW v ACX – [2014] SGHC 53 ; and (c) Mark Haynes Daniell v Karin Sixl-Bornemann (M.W.) – [2015] SGFC 113.

Recently, Darren successfully represented a husband who had suffered exceptional hardship by being stuck in a marriage of barely one year. The wife refused to divorce. Darren resolved his client’s divorce proceedings before the mandatory 3-year period as well as successfully obtaining a personal protection order. The Family Court ordered in favour of the husband for both applications in a hard fought battle in Court.

In another contentious divorce matter, Darren also successfully represented a husband, who is a foreigner, to obtain his fair and reasonable share of the matrimonial assets located in Singapore. Darren has similarly successfully represented other international clients in various divorce and family related matters.

Currently, Darren is also representing a wife to obtain interim maintenance for both the child and herself from the husband. At the same time, Darren is assisting the wife with an application to remove travel restrictions placed by the father on the child.

Darren’s experience in dealing with his clients’ emotions, needs and advising each of them on how to protect their individual interests makes him well apt to be a family lawyer.

Darren is fluent in English, Malay, Mandarin, Japanese and French. His multi-linguistic skills have given him the ability to successfully represent and communicate effectively with both local and international clients.

Contact details
Darren Chan, Associate Director
DID: +65 6645 4503
Mobile: +65 9435 4346

Nur AmalinaNur Amalina B KAMAL is an Associate in Fortis Law Corporation and a member of the Firm’s Private Client Practice Group.

Amalina has represented clients in litigation on a wide range of matters including commercial, contractual, construction and criminal with a focus on matrimonial disputes including divorce proceedings, proceedings and applications involving custody of children, division of matrimonial assets and maintenance.

Amalina has a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from the National University of Singapore.

Amalina is admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor in Singapore and speaks English and Malay.

Contact details
Amalina Kamal, Associate
DID: +65 6645 4502